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Wet Sand - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Album: Stadium Arcadium - Jupiter - (2006)

touches some part of soul that reminds me what love was

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While a liquid soap dispenser is very convenient, a good old solid bar of soap is a much ‘greener’ option, as it’s more concentrated and doesn’t require a plastic bottle. But squishy, wet soap bars next to the basin are a pain, and they harbour bacteria too. So, what to do? Young designer Nathalie Stämpfli has come up with a very satisfactory solution with her Soap Flakes soap holder. It takes an ordinary bar of soap, and shaves off tiny soap flakes every time you want to wash your hands.

I want this

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As close as you will ever be to a nuclear explosion


No thank you.

The columns of smoke in the foreground are telephone poles boiling

This is way cooler to look at than it should be

Science side of Tumblr would like to add:

Heat is generally transmitted in 3 forms: conduction, convection, radiation.

The fact that the telephone poles and wires are boiling away well before the shockwave hits them indicates that the heat from the explosion has not reached them by convection (much slower than the speed of sound) or by conduction (at best, comparable to the speed of sound), but purely by radiation. In other words: the explosion is bright enough to boil everything.

reblogging again for what engineer—cat said

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1969 Nissan Fairlady Z432 PS30

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Lake Shanee Amusement Park - Princeton, West Virginia. It was initially opened in 1926, but closed in 1966 after the accidental deaths of a couple of kids. It was reopened in 1985 then again closed in 1988. Paranormal activity includes disembodied voices, Native American chanting, unexplained sounds and some of the long abandoned rides will move on their own. There is also said to be a full-bodied apparition of a man in one of the Ferris Wheel cars.

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